Europ'Equipement offers for sale used machines for the agri-food sector. They are machines designed for the transformation of raw materials or for packaging. We work with the most recognized brands offering optimal quality. All machines are available for national or international delivery.
The list of brands for used machines : GEA, LUTETIA, CUPS, WOLFKING, It increases, SEYDELMANN…
Our team of electromechanics refurbishes and completely overhauls the machines put up for sale.
For all questions, our sales team is at your disposal to guide you in the best possible way on the different product ranges.

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Autoclave 500 4 Quarter Draft

Weighing Multipond ATOMA

Tray Sealer Line + Dosing machine

Chariots Doypack

C.D.H Cooker Mixer

Goavec Concentration Ball 900L

Multi-Fill MPFSH Dosing Machine-075-01

Dorit Vacuum Churn VV-6-1401

Baratte Armor Inox 4000L

Operculeuse Mecapack O² 2500

Scie à os BIRO 1433

Operculeuse MECA S4000

RUHLE MTR mixer 130

SERIA dosing machine 2 heads

GEA UM600 Dumpling Rolling Machine

Baratte Paris Type 3

Krämer Grebe AM shredder 200

Laska ME Blender 400 ZN1A

Baratte Paris Type 1

Autoclave Steriflow Barriquand 1351

Baratte Armor Inox 4000L

Eplucheuse Nock

MATRIX pneumatic compact welder

Baratte Armor Inox 4000L

Baader Separator 696

Handtmann VF608 Plus Pusher

VS mixer 150L

Glass VSM mixer 150

RUHLE MKR mixer 130

Baader Separator 603

Seydelmann AD crusher 114

Separatrice Sepamatic 1200

Formeuse GEA Multi former MLF 400

Glass VSM/F vacuum mixer 1000

Cutlet flattener GLASS SPR 320

Multifreezer cooling tunnel

HLT cooking tunnel 8000/600

Tray dosing carousel

Ice machine MAJA SAH 170L

Complete line of pastaboxes

110L cooking pot

T5 vacuum churn with cylinder

Grill Belt job

Peseuse associative Ishida

530L cooking pot

Tunnel cryogenique CO2 CES

Lutetia T40 vacuum churn

400L cooking pot

Vacuum-packed Lutetia T4 churn

Vacuum churn Type 40

Curved carpet 90

4P blue cord folding machine

DL transfer pump 45

GOUET cooking tunnel

Churn Lutetia T1

Koppens ER wrapper 400

Gaser S-1500-P dumpling former

Double cloche Multivac C500

Vacuum churn LUTETIA T1

T1 vacuum churn

Thermoformeuse CFS Compact sandwich

INHOSPAN AMC100 sauce cooker

Nock fish skinner

Vacuum churn Type 1 Lutetia

Paneuse Koppen's PR 400

Thermoformeuse CFS Hotvac

MPS grease trap

Preparer of Mix Koppens

Futura robotic case erector 2016

Operculeuse Sealpac 350

Operculeuse ULMA Taurus 570

Arol capping machine

Operculeuse MECAPLASTIC S6000

Four CookStar CKH 1000

Slicer line for cordons bleus

Operculeuse Sealpac 610

Treif chop cut

Eri dosing machine 2 heads

Mondini dosing machine

Salad doser 4 Fillpack heads

Pocket dispenser 4 Fillpack heads

Séparatrice Sepamatic SEPA 1200 T

Emsens Tradition skewer machine


Ultra sound slicer Sodeva CEL 250

Lutetia vacuum churn Type 3

Koppens BR fryer 4500 600

Stock Pot 550L-F-G

Vacuum churn Lutetia T2

Operculeuse Sealpac 350 GmbH

Baratte Paris Type 5 under a vacuum

TSMIG mixer 850 with CO2 injection

Lutetia vacuum churn Type 1

Lutetia T40 vacuum churn

Baratte Paris type 0

Fessmann roasting cell

Dohmeyer tunnel freezer

Round basin 400L

Girafe Kramer Grebe

LASKA WMW Mixer Grinder 1680

Vacuum churn Lutetia T2

COUDERT pneumatic dosing machine

Galan Slicer 930

Co-extrusion line

Churn Lutetia T5 vacuum

Lutetia ISMPB injector

Barriquand Autoclave 4 baskets

Vemag HP 10L pusher

GEA ProMix V vacuum blender 1000

Hatchery for eggs

Autoclave Lagarde SA 766

Autoclave Barriquand Steriflow 2 baskets

Four RATIONAL CombiMaster Plus


Trancheur Weber SLC 901

Cold tunnel SERAP

Autoclave Steriflow Barriquand 1361

MAREL IPM3 X slicer 400

Marel B35 Portioner

Thermoformeuse Power Pack 460

Single head dosing machine SERIA

VELOX LP Dishwasher 650 R

Meca traysealer 900

Baratte Type 3 Lutetia

Cutter KG VSM 120

Marel CT edger 2612

Vemag sausage-linker pusher

Lakidis FR100 nibbler

Baratte Paris Type 2

Autoclave Lagarde SA938

Autoclave Draft 400 4/4

EQUIPRO retraction tank

Cutter Stephan UM 18

Turning table

Double cloche Atmoz 2-75


GEA Autogrind 280

angel hair machine

Operculeuse Meca S1000

HP3 vacuum stuffer

Mixer Cooker Glass VSM/F 300

iCombi Pro

Tucal horizontal freezer

C/E chopper 900

Steak shaper + TVM tray destacker 260

Talsa MIX blender 275

Cutter Stephan UMB 60

Semi-automatic traysealer JPack

Grill Marker CFS GR 622

Cutter Seydelmann K120 Ultra

Lakidis FR100 nibbler

Cutter Seydelmann 200L

Operculeuse MECA S3000

Clippeuse Polyclip RCA

Boning machine for turkey blanquettes FM 8.50

Autoclave Lagarde SA 860


HLT cooking tunnel 12 000 / 1 200

MultiDrum 600 GEA

Vendée Concept grading machine

Marmite FRIMA 2-XS

REX push button

Ribbon mixer KS 740

Ruhle MKR mixer 300

MAGURIT nibbler 314

Melangeur SIA AM 800

PROVISUR Dipper enrober 650

Ampack milk bottling line


SIA AM mixer 1500

SCERIA steak flattener

Packinov canning line

Bastra smoking cell 850 C


Stein M Fryer


Paneuse Koppens CM 600

Vacuum churn Type 2

Baratte Paris Type 3

Cutter Seydelmann K 326 Ultra

Vacuum churn Type 4

Cubeuse TREIF Husky

Four spiral Cookstar GEA-CFS

Handtmann VF pusher 200 B

Tunnel Koppens ST 5000-600

Autoclave Barriquand Steriflow 4 baskets

DL transfer pump 45

Cutlet cutlet Dadaux CC 700 POIT

Comitrol processor 1700 URSCHEL

LOMA metal detector

Curved carpet 90

Fryeuse Meyn 600 5000 TH


Fryer Koppens BRN 4500 700

Wolfking C Shredder 160 Uni

Puff pastry making line

Tunnel de cuisson HLT Koppens 6000 600

MHS CC Chop Cutter 1050

Equipment for the preparation of minced meat

Tunnel de cuisson HLT Koppens 14000 1000

Sopara braising tunnel

I trained Provatec 745

Double cloche POLAR 2-75

Formeuse Koppens VM 400 30

Comitrol 1700 Urschel

Formeuse Koppens VM 600 HS

Grill Teflon Koppens TWG 9600/600

Egretier volumetric pump

Sassaro T washing tunnel 650

Seydelmann WD shredder 114

SuperFry Fryer 7000/650

PR breader 400

CAPIC bain-marie stockpot 150L

CS80 trolley blast chiller

Koppens PU Breader 600

Koppens TD Tempura enrober 400

Wolfking TSMIV Mixer 4250 L

VAKONA FM mixer 750

Formeuse Koppens VM 900 HS

Wolfking TSMG400/140 Grinder Mixer

Thermoformeuse Sealpac RE25

Asgo Arm Z mixer 450L

Flowpack Panda MD

Lutetia ISMMB Injector

KT LM 130/280/A shredder

Marmite FRIMA VCC 211

Koppens TD Tempura enrober 600

130L Multi-Cooking Electric Sauté Pan

FREY KONTI E120 push button

Mondini inclined magazine depilator

Cutter Alpina SWV 550

Formeuse Koppens ESF 400

Multivac automatic labellers

Multivac automatic labeling machine 4 heads

Mondini tray destacker

Mondini lid applicator

Autoclave Draft 48 4/4

Complete bottling line

Machine flow pack Dizma

Cutter Stephan UM 60

RISCO paddle mixer

Double cloche POLAR 2-75

Operculeuse BRITISH Bowl 600

SIA AM vacuum mixer 352

FABBRI B sealer 241

MONOBLOCK bottling line

Double cloche Henkelmann H900

Double Cloche VC999

Scie à os MADO MKB752


Fillpack double head dosing machine

Autoclave Steriflow Barriquand 4 baskets

GEA OptiCoater coating machine 1000

Baader Separator 601

GEA TempuMixer mixer

Handtmann VF608 Plus Pusher

Sassaro Washer

Paneuse CrumbMaster 1000 GEA

Formeuse GEA VM 600 HS

TSMIV 3250L vacuum paddle mixer

Emsens EAB01 KAP skewer machine

Ficeleuse Siebeck FRT-A-SB

Trancheur Kaufler KR650 150

Trencheur Kerslicer

Trancheur Scanvaegt Portion Cutter


Vacuum churn Lutetia Type 6

Cutter Alpina PBV 330-1110

Risco TR meat grinder 160

Mixer RISCO RS 450L

Gernal cooking cell 2 chariots

MHM injector 39

STEPHAN cooking tank 2000 L

Stephan jacketed tank

Marmite 500L BSMIA

Atmospheric cutter KG Wetter STL 120

Smoking cooking cell trolleys

Baratte Type 6 Lutetia

San Cassiano Planetary Cooker Blender

Baratte Type 5 Lutetia

LIMA RM Separator 500 S

Capic cooker

Goavec Concentration Ball

Baratte Type 40 Lutetia


Formeuse Koppens VM 400 HD

Lutetia cooking cell

Paneuse Koppen's PR 400

Fixed Column

Cubeuse TREIF Argon

Lutetia T6 vacuum churn

Carnitech grinder 400 mm

Koppens PD Breader 200

Tunnel de braisage AFO HEAT

Wolfking C250 UNI Shredder

Cutter Stephan UM44 S

LC europe crate washer 200

Carnitech Grinder Mixer 3115

Forming machine U26 Formax PROVISUR

Risco TR Shredder 160

Stork DTF dosing machine

Tapis KoppensTG 2500 360

Flour Provisur DUS 400

Churn Lutetia T5 vacuum

Armor Inox Churn Charger

Vacuum churn Lutetia T5

Risco TR130 shredder

Seydelmann ME130 shredder

Operculeuse MECA S1500

Vacuum churn Type 5

Handtmann VF pusher 300

Vacuum churn Type 5 Lutetia

Seydelmann MG160B shredder

Cutter Stephan UM 44

GEA OptiFlour flour machine 1000

Vacuum churn Type 0 Lutetia

Formcook L5 cooker

Baratte Paris Type 5

GEA OptiAir dust extractor